Ohio Trucking Industry

Ohio being the 4th largest trucking industry in nation adds over $6.3 billion to the gross domestic product. Almost 78 percent of goods shipped from Ohio to other states travel solely by truck, whether measured by tonnage or the value of shipments. Trucking also moves 79 percent of multimodal tonnage. The state also has the 7th largest road system and ranks 6th with 1,574 Interstate miles. https://development.ohio.gov/files/research/b800000000.pdf

Texas HVUT


Heavy vehicle use tax (HVUT) is an annual tax paid by the vehicles operating on public highways. This tax is applicable to vehicles which weigh 55,000 pounds or above.

Texas Permits


International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) simplifies the fuel tax reporting for vehicles that travel from base jurisdiction to others. It holds the report of taxes that are paid by interstate motor carriers when traveling across various state borders.

Texas IFTA


Learn more about Ohio’s Temporary and Fuel Permits, as well as Oversize and Overweight Permits.

Texas Resources


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