Ohio Special Hauling Permit is required if your vehicle exceeds the maximum size and/or weight. For vehicles like these, you first need to have a current Form OS-32 completed and signed by your insurance company. Make sure whether a current mailing address is listed on the OS-32 for you/your company.

Next, you need to apply for the permit. You can do that in 4 different ways:

  • Call a Permit Service Company.
  • Finish and send an OS-1 application and the correct fee to ODOT.
  • Directly visit the ODOT Columbus Permit Office.
  • Get a direct login internet account from the ODOT Permit Office. Fax the completed OS-7 form to (614)-728-4099.

Fees may vary according to the permit type, to know more about it visit Fee Schedule. Also, f you are buying through a Permit Service Company, the fee may differ.

For more details visit: www.dot.state.oh.us/Divisions/Operations/Maintenance/Permits